CEM pulling a Chuck Daly?

CEM smart as a fox?
For the basketball vets, do y’all remember the 1992 Dream Team coached by Chuck Daly? A world of talent, not fully engaged in practice and thought of themselves as “gamers”?
So what did Coach Daly do? Set the USA team up losing to some college all-stars in a closed exhibition.
I wonder if the UT game at Austin was CEM’s attempt to get his players attention like Coach Daly with the Dream team? If yes, I hope we enjoy the same results as the Dream Team🙏
UA…Campus of Champions

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I sure hope so. I would never dare to try to get into Muss’ head, but Daly is one of his mentors. Regardless, today was ugly. Going forward, I hope it helps more than it hurts.

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I wouldn’t put anything past Muss, but I tend to think it was more a case in which he probably knew this game could get ugly, but also knew that it would be invaluable experience and could serve as a real eye-opener for our young guns. Who knows, but I’m not going to 2nd guess Muss. He’s got his work cut out for him getting this team to gel, but he’s proven to be a master at doing just that by mid-season.

I didn’t like much about this matchup, or our performance today, but I do like the fact that we’re still 0-0 and our young guys will learn from having faced an experienced, elite defensive team early in the season.

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The Dream Team lost to some
College all stars?

We have lots of talent right out of high school and a few not far removed.

I was at the game.

We didn’t show much shooting threat at this level.

Didn’t rebound on O or D at this level.

We clearly have some talent. Time will tell if team is dedicating to showing it

It’s clear the team and staff didn’t put in near enough prep time for Texas. Whether that was intentional or not, I don’t know. I’m guessing it probably was.

Yes, the Dream Team lost to a team with Penny, Shaq, Hill, Webber, etc…the first time they scrimmaged. The next time they played, I think the Dream Team won by 30. I wish we could have Texas come up to The Bud for a rematch next week, but that ain’t happening.

One takeaway I have after today is we need AB on the floor. He can’t get in foul trouble.

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Muss said the other day that there were several NBA teams watching practice last week, and that hampered their normal prep. I’m guessing after this drilling today, that will not be a recurring problem going forward.

These high school all-stars that have always been able to just trot on the court and dominate need to experience a good, solid, tail whuppin. It should wake them up and let them know that their stuff can most definitely stink.

This will help these kids grow.


I am just glad that Muss has Mickey D’s AA’s to yell at now. Those kids don’t want to be embarrassed. I guarantee Nick won’t sleep well tonite, and that is a good thing.

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