Celtics lead Brooklyn 46-16 after one quarter

Looks like on track to score more than 150 for the game. Curious what is the NBA record for points scored and the Arkansas record for points scored. Seems like we got up to around 150 in the Al Dillard days.

Haven’t looked it up but think we got around 130+ against deleware state in 94

The record for points by Arkansas was 166 vs. U.S. International in December 1989.

The 1994 team scored 131 vs. Montevallo, 129 vs. Texas Southern and 123 vs. Delaware State.

We scored 166 against US International in 1989. Set the school record for points in a half in the first half (78), broke it in the second half (88). USIU literally did not even try to play defense; their idea was to make a bunch of threes and wear you out. We shot 67% from the floor; it was a 40-minute layup drill. Lee Mayberry scored 31, and we had seven others in double figures.

The Pistons hold the NBA record with 186 vs. Denver in 1983.

Love my Celtics, but they don’t play defense in the NBA until the playoffs. It must have something to do with protecting players health and well being.

Those games mentioned by Matt came during the days when I kept a play-by-play at basketball. They were not provided in those days until it was too late to be of any help in writing stories. I used to scribble last names in my play-by-play. It was one of those games that I began to just write numbers. The baskets happened too quickly. I do not think many keep play-by-play notes anymore. They are typing tweets.

Playing defense takes a lot of pride and energy. It is not fun. When you play 3-4 times a week, there is no way to play tough defense for 6-8 months.

There are some who do but that may be about all they do. Patrick Beverly comes to mind.

It is true that best defense is played in the playoffs. But it is not right to say that there is no defense during the regular season. If there was no defense, the gap between regular season scoring and playoff scoring will be huge. There is not really that much of a gap, if any.

As Jie Kleine says, NBA scorers are so good that they will make it look like there is no defense, especially if you don’t get help. For example, how do you defend a guy like Tatum. If you play tight, he will go around you. And if you play just a little off, he will just shoot over you. And when he is hot, there is nothing you can do. Like yesterday, Tatum was 7 of 12 from the three. And so was Jaylen Brown. Celtics were 26-54 from the three. When that happens, you get scores like that in NBA. And on the other team, Kyrie Irving had an off night and KD wasn’t there and you end up with a lopsided score.

Even if the Celtics had scored 46 in all four quarters, they still don’t break the Pistons’ record. That would be 184.

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