Celebrity on the river

One of my guide buddies had Luke Bryan on the river today.

I had a celebrity last three days: Louis Campbell and Steve Graves. They are my buddies. We had great time.

Then there was Wyatt Gage at Dry Run Creek.


he was shooting a video ALL night and on television at 0500 promoting the vid. Must have got a sleeper ride to get to NWA. Lots of local extras (unpaid) happy to join Luke touring lower Broadway. Luke is a young man and has no need for sleep in all likelihood.

Evidently Luke is an avid outdoorsman (or he just likes spending some of his ample money), he spent a boat load of money buying a duck hunting farm in my West Tennessee county.

Love these pictures. Seeing you with Wyatt makes me smile. There is nothing like helping a kid learn how to fish.


Wyatt is a pistol. He really focused and tried hard when some older boys were watching. They were good kids. Offered him their spot.


Here is Luke with a good brown.

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