CDC COVID-19 data chart

Below is a LINK to what I think is the most informative data chart to track. In the 4th column it gives the percentage of EXPECTED DEATHS based on death projections under normal circumstances. So, 100% deaths is normal. If you look at the data it seems to show that:

February - about normal

March - not normal, but not all that bad 2-3% above expected

April - bad, 28-42% above expected

May - still bad, but better, 11-22% above expected

June - abnormal, but much improved 2% below to 5% above expected - but might still be incomplete - come back later to see the revisions

July - data is definitely incomplete and still trickling in - so keep watching it - it will go up - I believe the reason some of the death counts are not in this chart yet, but in the running death total counts, is because they are auditing the exact causes of death, but I am speculating there

Scroll down the page after it opens to see the chart

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