CCSU vs. Arkansas

On the board in the second and Noland is pitching well. Gift run on the wild pitch too.

well were ahead but to be honest we haven’t hit a ball hard thru 3 innings.taking a lot of pitches.

yep and the top their order up and ger 2 hits 1 and 3rd no out and sac fly puts them on the board…just what they were hopiong for staying close

Thank you Kjerstad lets wake up guys and start ripping this guy! He’s giving up 111 hits in 84 in…lets go!!

On TV the stadium looks packed. Do we have 10k in the house?

Southern Miss smoking Ariz st 12-1 in the 5th

much better swungs in the 5th good to see Ezell sting one,Goodheart ball probably should have been caught but was hot on a line and Fletcher and Kjerstad both ripped thier hits 6-1

I like CCSU’s offensive gameplan…hit it at Martin.

Ugh…3 errors in this inning alone. :roll:

Hopefully Casey has gotten all of those out of his system for the post season…

Funny how the ball seems to find you when you are struggling. What were there, 7 straight balls hit to Martin at SS?

3 more errors :cry: by martin give them a run 6-2 smh.

denton gives up a 3 run bomb to get them back in it… :evil:

Ezell with a scud missle into the Hog pen…good to see that 11-5 Martin still hitless though bad day for him hopefully he breaks out tomorrow night

I like the way we answered every time they scored. Zay going tomorrow night; we’re in good shape, I think.

yeah we got in a groove a little hard to get used to seeing 85 mph and all those CB…really need Cal to win tonight,I don’t want to see that LH from TCU

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. I could say I don’t want to see Vaughn in the batter’s box, either.

I like our chances with Campbell on the bump at home against either one.

Well the offense showed up today. Heston had a great day at the plate. It was nice to see some good AB’s. The defense was spotty by Casey Martin and he had a bad day at the plate. He just needs to relax at the plate and do what he said earlier this week let the ball get deep and change his approach.
I thought Connor Noland had a great outing and could have pitched through the 7th inning if the defense would have made theroutine plays in the 6 inning.
Good win and let’s see who we play tomorrow.

Meanwhile Duke just ripped a 3 run HR to go up 3-0 over T A&M they have 4 straight rips off Doxakis swinging at that first pitch something I wished we would do more.