CCM's end of season press conference was interesting

I always enjoy hearing our coaches speak. He briefly touched on one thing that has been really bothering me.

I REALLY like CCM. I REALLY want him to succeed. if he is all he says he is and all the CLemson guys say he is-ace recruiter, innovative offensive coach who values defense, good human being who loves his family-then that’s what I want as my head coach.

He’s clearly the ace recruiter, but I think we all agree that this season’s coaching was not great-not players learning the system, not players performing to the best of their ability. OL not moving after the snap! players colliding! too many dropped passes to even count. players obviously quitting the last 2 games. All very worrisome, and make you question the coaching staffs ability to lead young men.

we know the staff is new to these players, and the upper classmen notoriously are hard to get to buy in. and when they don’t, it’s a cancer in the locker room. that’s what our team looked like.

Back to the end of season presser-CCM briefly mentioned regretting not having more time to spend with the seniors. said he got to know them, but clearly had a single sentence about wishing he’d spent more time with them, or something to that effect.

So if he has an already difficult situation, trying to get the upper classmen to buy in, then he’s so focused on recruiting that he does not devote himself to these players, they are surely going to sense that and feel like yesterday’s trash. That is certainly how the team performed. makes some sense.

I’m not saying CCM did wrong, because clearly what this team needs more than anything else is LOTS of talented players. But this could help explain the train wreck that was the 2018 season.

And would explain it in a way that will make it much less likely to happen again under CCM. I want to believe this, I want our coach to succeed.


Great post…One of the best I’ve seen anywhere.

I like most want CCM to succeed at Arkansas and for the most part got a pass this season. However, there were plenty of coaching mistakes made with this seasons team that if not made could have resulted in 3-4 more wins.

QB Carousel - should be never happened with a coach that knows QB’s. Should’ve been Storey from day 1 and gotten him all the #1 snaps and more prep for the season. Conner should’ve been named #2 from day 1.

Attention to details - How many time outs had to be wasted during the season due to players not knowing if they should be on the field or not. This is a preparation issue that we should never see repeated throughout a season from a well coached team. This better not happen again next season.

“Recruiting Ace” as suggested by some. Well, let’s see if he can deliver this class of commitments on signing day? We have just had our first decommit, Carl Williams. As far as the commit list and our needs are this staff has done nothing to address our biggest need which is Offensive Linemen. We currently have 3 commits and none above a 3 star. This class commits are filled with WR’s and DE’s. Maybe next years clas will be filled with 4 star O-Linemen because if that doesn’t eventually happen the type of success we all want isn’t going to happen!

Go Hogs!

Having gotten to see some early practice, Ty did nothing to “take” the job. In fact, from all accounts, he was a turnover machine in the final two scrimmages. In now way, should Connor have been No. 2. You have to earn those spots, not just have them handed to you - especially if you are a true freshman and especially if you are not an early enrollee.

I agree on some of the timeouts although a few of them had to be taken because kids weren’t lined up where they were suppose to be even though they had been drilled to be.

Technically, it is the second de-commit although it is widely known they let OL Joseph Stone go.

They did not let Williams go. It sounds like he wants to stay close to home.

So far, a great recruiting staff recruiting ace fits. If - and that’s a big if - any others de-commit, then you might could question it, but you seriously can not argue with how good this overall class is.

You are right about the OL, but obviously Arkansas is trying to shore up OL with the two juco guys - Chibueze Nwanna and Myron Cunningham, two guys I have stories about the next two days.

Sounds like in my story on Nwanna (6-8, 314) that I just put up that he is virtually a done deal.

Breakdown of commits (not including the two private ones):

DE - 5
DT - 3
WR - 4
OL - 3 (plus preferred walk on and early enrolle Drew Vest)
CB - 3
S - 1
QB - 1
TE - 1
TB - 1
LB - 1

I am not one to give HDN a lot of props, but he had a special knack for getting the team to buy in immediately. That is a rare skill. Building a program requires a set of skills that are not necessarily related to that immediate turn-around/buy-in.

Morris seems to have a vision for what the program will look like, and the type of players he needs to have it work. He is securing those commitments and now must get signatures. The next step is getting those players to develop. Lots of steps before we see the actual sideline prowess we are looking for.

The sideline gaffes this year may be as much a product of not having your players in place as not. Hard to tell.