CCM's attitude/demeanor...

I love the video you guys post of his pressers.

Last week he seemed irritated…actually pissed is the word that comes to mind, but I should have a better synonym, but that’s what he looked. And our team played so much better this week.

Just watched today’s presser. CCM is serious. the happy “I’m just a hs coach, hammer down!” guy seems to have left the building. He looks like a very focused football coach. He’s not Nolan after a loss to Pitino, but he’s getting there. I’ve liked his demeanor since arriving, and I LOVE how he looks right now.

I think he looks how we all feel. He even said repeatedly, “this is not acceptable”. Soooo much better than CBB or Pelphrey or Stan Heath’s lame explanations of our team’s latest loss.

I’m liking this guy more and more. Bet the team is very focused this week…they better be!

I know it’s way too early to tell what his career at UA is going to be like, but I’m very happy with our football coach


I feel the same way. I think he tried to will the soft players into buying in, but it didn’t work…now he is ready to move forward. It is time for a players to get on board or get OUT. O’Grady is one that needs to wake up.

Ship-up or ship-out. I hope our coach has put his foot down
and let the undecided/divisive group know they need to man
up or move on.

I know this is off topic but I’m too lazy to find the appropriate one, so here goes my feeling about the offensive side of the football at Arkansas.

Basically the offense has been out of since. Kelly is different than Storey. The timing has been off because the two QB’s are showing two different rhythms. The receivers know what the problem is but won’t tell on their buddies. I think Saturday night you’ll see a little better performance out of them. They will loose, but they’ll look much better doing it.