CCM will lose to W. KY

There’s no doubt in my mind. If he’s coaching and Craddock is coaching, we will lose. Is firing him now worse than losing to them and then firing him?

If they show that they at least have the sense God gave Elmo, and play KJ and or JSJ at QB, they just might squeek out a win. If the go with the poor man’s Ty Storey at QB, the real Ty will stand up and leave the field all Rudy style.

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Who cares if they beat a team State Teachers College beat on the road?

Should have no bearing on his job security or lack thereof.

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Obviously this is the point I’m making. They don’t have the sense to do anything that is necessary for a win. If they are the coaches, We will lose that game.

After the first failure of Hicks by game 2 this season they should have moved to Starkel. When Starkel lost the job they should have moved to JSJ and KJ end of story this was the 9th game of the year and they had no clue early and waited until the game was out of hand to make a change. The poor evaluation of talent and the lack of fire to motivate players during a game speaks volumes.
I’m tired of the mess. If they are ignorant enough to put Hicks in another game they should all be fired. KJ is the future and JSJ should be the back up!

If Ty Storey comes in as the QB for WKY and gets the win it would Show this staff up! Just like the Texas State loss when Cole beat us with his leg!
I don’t know all the answers but CCM was dealt a dumpster fire and he hasn’t done much to correct the problems.
His recruiting is all he has in his favor!
He better win next week!

What makes you think he will win next week. He has repeatedly made the wrong decisions. You think somehow he’s going to make the right one next week? He won’t. We will lose if he’s the coach and craddock is the OC.

our offense is bad but compared to our defense its off the charts good.I have never thought this would be a good defense b/c of lack of playmakers but My Gosh they are unreal bad! never seen a worse tackling team and are so weak physically I can’t remember the last time I saw a runner go backwards on a hit they always run through us and that is either b/c we are weak or aren’t trying.I think Chavis is gone but he will retire IMO.

Yes youdaman, every game I have been to and watched the opposing teams lines have pushed us around on both sides of the ball. Mississippi States offensive line looked like they weighed 30 to 40 lbs more than our d line man. I knew we were in trouble when we could get no push against Portland State on either side of the ball.