CCM...what is he like?


For anyone who knows would appreciate your thoughts…just what type of a coach is CCM away from the football field? Is he like CBP? CBB? CHDN? Will Arkansas resemble Miami or OU? PSU? Will CCM hold the same academic and behavioral standards which CBB installed? What kind of players will CCM recruit? Just what do we have (off the field) with CCM?


From every person I’ve visited with, Chad Morris is a great guy. Players love him. Everyone who has ever been around him has nothing but great things to say about him. He was only at Tulsa for one season, but those who were around him still consider him to be their friend. Great family man. He’s a jogger. He’ll get in a run most days while others might break for lunch. Loves to hunt and fish, although he’s not able to as a college head coach the way he did as a high school coach. Should fit in at Arkansas in a big way. He’s been at Arkansas for 62 days and been on the run, but those who have been around him really like him.

A friend that went to church with him when he was a high school coach said he and his his family are fine, honest, down to earth people.

From what I have seen (admittedly, from a distance) and read, he is the kind of person that Arkansans will wrap their arms around and treat like family . . . IF he can turn the program around in a couple of years. If he were to ever win the SEC title, I’m not sure they would let him leave.

I just see him having a lot of the values that people in Arkansas will really identify with and embrace. That won’t save him if he can’t produce winning teams, given a reasonable amount of time. But if he can . . . the state will adopt him as their own (as they did Frank).

My impressions of him are approachable, friendly, professional and in charge. He treats people around him well. That’s why you saw so many come with him from SMU.

After every event (recruiting at the Catfish Hole, Signing Day on the Hill), he stays around and talks with fans. He never seems in a hurry to leave. Bret was friendly, but he never mingled.

I met him and some of the coaches at the Chancellor Hotel. CCM is very genuinely nice with bouncy energy so you can see how he is a good recruiter. I’m not sure who the other coaches were but they seemed to all be quite impressed with Fayetteville. It is a magical time on the square when the Christmas lights are up. Yuracheck was staying there too and he and his wife seem very nice.