CCM vs Jimmy Johnson

the more I read about CCM, the more I think about JJ when he arrived at Miami. Obviously VERY different situations with VERY different talent, and we all know what JJ went on to do in his career.

And I’m not talking about the arrests and allegations that followed JJ from OSU to Miami, I’m talking about how each coach approaches his team.

Both seem very energetic, very involved with their players and their coaches and their schemes. Both live and die with personnel, recruiting, the right music that players like, understanding their young men on and off the field.

Both seem to NOT be afraid of taking risks. BOth seem to favor a defense that attacks-will get burned some, but will also get some stops. We’ve all cried and wailed as we watched HN and BB have corners 10 yards off of receivers, “bend but don’t break” our way to giving up 600 yards and eventually score anyway. get a lead then become ultra-conservative on offense, guaranteeing that we would not score again and hoping and praying the clock would run out before the other team beat us. VERY frustrating to watch. JJ didn’t behave that way, quite the opposite. And it seems like CCM will not be afraid of losing as much as he will go for winning.

Also every time we hear about practice, CCM is talking about guys losing weight, getting faster. Agim today was raving about how good he felt 10 pounds lighter, more mobile, better conditioned, less tired. OL are dropping tons of weight. Yoga for flexibility, etc. This is exactly how JJ’s teams looked and played. move S to LB, move LB to DE, whatever it took to be FASTER.

I’m not saying we are going to win 3 NT’s or that Bama needs to be afraid (yet), but I do see lots of similarities in our coach and a Hall of Famer.

Can’t wait for this season to start!!!


Excellent post. Well thought out. GHG

Now lets not start giving him the big head. That said, it was a good post.

I sure hope so.

I think he’s got an advantage, because he is actively taking note of everything that Bret failed at or was incompetent about. That alone should make improvement.

Really excited about things, but realistic that it will take time, and obviously have some up and downs.

If he can win 7-8 this year I would be thrilled, but would also understand 5-6.

He’s got a roster full of guys that aren’t his recruits, and has to figure out who are SEC players. That’s tough. Also really thin at some positions. I’m ready for some depth charts, I think there will be a lot of differences.

JJ’s #1 criteria-speed. He sacrificed size for speed. His LB’s for instance were undersized.

Now, who else has mentioned speed a time or two? Yep.

I agree with OP.

Excellent observation.

“you either have the speed or you are chasing speed.”

Nice post, Holden. Especially about the Nutt and Bielema regime playing 10 yards off the receivers and the “bend, but don’t break philosophy” that always broke.

Coach Morris will win the fans over if he will just be aggressive on defense. Get after the ball. Please. We fans have watched us give up 500-600 yards and 40-50 points so many times, it is just criminal. If you are going to get your a** beat, at least let your players go after the other team and try to stop them. Please.

Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed!! Been saying that for so long. Way old enough to remember that was what made Arkansas competitive. Just a must have!!
How many times the past few years have we watched our Olinemen not be able to block becasue they could not get there or were out of position?

Jimmy has better hair but the OP’s writing has a lot of comparative truths… the fall is filled with hope again.

I knew Jimmy well and talked to him about how he recruited. Yes, he wanted speed and would sacrifice speed, but he looked hard for intelligence. He said signing “dummies” will get you beat. IQ was one of his strengths. Few coaches could match his IQ and Jimmy made sure that his players featured that, too. Butch Davis and I talked a long time about that a couple of years ago when we were doing features on the 50-year anniversary of the 1964 season. He reminded me of Jimmy’s traits.