CCM’s offense = “more backyard football”

Per the SMU QB:

SMU QB Ben Hicks describes the biggest difference for him as he learns Sonny Dykes’ offense … es-offense

I suspect that’s because Morris wants a QB that can run. He probably also takes more deep shots than the Mike Leach type offense Dykes runs.

Since the kid’s offensive coordinator learned his offense from the same source that inspired Morris to adapt it, Malzahn, I don’t know that it is a “put down” of the scheme. CCM’s system did win a national championship which Malzahn’s version of that offense has not, so far. He may be just saying that Dykes has some more precision or control of the passing game where CCM’s offense may rely more on the QB making the right decision on the fly.

Malzahn’s version has won a national championship as well.

That is true. My bad. My point still stands. :sunglasses:

I’m ready over here!

I have thought about this thread some more. I didn’t read the article, I was captivated by ‘Backyard Football’ .

This should be exciting to everyone. Seriously, roll a football out there and play? We have needed this forever!

Fastbreak Backyard Football! #Boogiedown #Razorhammer #FastPig