CCM Fireable Offenses


If I understand this Board correctly, CCM should be fired due to:
1, Losing six non-conference games.
2. Players failing to improve.
3. Team failing to improve and make progress throughout the season.
4. Poor decision making (don’t have any specifics).
5. Too many blowout losses.
6. Inability to make corrections…defense consistently allowing opening game TD drives. Offense inability to sustain drives and/ or score TDS in the red zone.
7. All of the above resulting in loss of confidence, ticket sales, attendance, revenue and morale.

Anything I missed?


You seem to have nailed it, also for opening club dub according to several

How about starting 7 different QBs in less than 2 years.

Left lane . Hammer down.

One more … he has one less SEC win than Ty Storey.

Had someone I trust tell me today Florida st. Has vetted norvell and they are moving on. Says they were concerned about something. Thought I would let you know.

Also ad was interviewed somewhere and has eyes on another job that has either opened or about to.

I fear if hy leaves now you cannot fire him

We aren’t moving on from Norvell and Morris will be fired very soon.

If trigger is not pulled tomorrow I see chavis being the sacrifice and Morris gets another year. Craddock May go as well

:rofl: :rofl: