on Gus and us


Can’t be any more divided than we are now.

I disagree. I think the “boards” are actually a good indicator of the actual fanbase. If you got to any of the boards, you’re seeing a 50/50 split on Malzahn. I’m not sure giving a divisive coach 7 million a year is gonna change that. Especially, if he has to take a few years to install his system. There are a lot of fans saying they don’t want him, but if he comes they’re still gonna cheer the Hogs, and so will I, but as soon as he struggles, the heat he thinks he has at AUB is nothing compared to what will happen here.

I do know that if the Gus Bus returns to Arkansas, the time that I spend at the Catfish Hole will be significantly reduced.

It kinda makes me sick that we’d pay $50M for a coach even if that is money coming almost exclusively from a few huge donors. (I doubt it is, but maybe I’m wrong.) That much money would reduce the cost of the NEZ expansion, etc to almost nothing. Heck, half that money would be the biggest single donation the program has ever gotten. Bigger than Bud Walton’s donation to the arena that bears his name. As big as the DWR foundation’s contribution to the 2000 stadium expansion.

Then what happens if after 5 years Gus has been an utter failure & we want him gone? Will all that money be paid by big donors? Will we have enough to do anything else? Will that encumber our ability to pay our indebtedness?

I know we can’t do much to stop the escalating arms war for facilities and coaches’ salaries, but at least the facilities have a longer shelf life & have a better guarantee of helping us succeed. There’s a number we can afford to pay an established HC, but we can probably have almost as good a chance at success as a much cheaper up & comer as we can with the sainted Gus Malzahn.

The division is important because it reduces the base of goodwill a coach can dip into when times are bad. CBB wasn’t divisive, but because he came out of left field (and the Big 10), many people were upset with him from the getgo. Then when we went 3-8 in that first year, it got worse. That died a bit by the end of the 3rd year, but after last year & 3 games into this year, it because bad.

Gus will start with a bunch of fans who simply don’t trust him. If he goes 11-1 or so his first two years, that will go away. At least the fans who don’t trust him or dislike him will swallow their dislike. But he’s not going 11-1 or so his first two years. If he starts 6-6 or worse, there’ll be a lot of grumbling. If he goes 7-5 or better, he’ll be fine for a while, but he better improve on that. After 5 years, he better be going 8-4 or 9-3 plus bowl wins a couple of years straight or the division will be worse.

Marty I’m with you on that one!

Then you are looking through orange and blue colored glasses.

It’s over rated.

It will only get rid of the fake fans.

A true fan, will put aside dislike for a coach, whether it has a valid reason or not, in this case most do not have a valid reason, and cheer on the team.

Many are threatening to pull their contribution, that’s the same as wishing bret would lose in my book.

I’ll support the coach even if they hired Enos, or rehired Bielema, whoch would likely cause me to have a heart attack.

But I’m a fan of the razorbacks, always will be.

I’ll always hope they will win. But they’d have to do it without my little financial contribution.


It’s not my decision.

Just the way I see it, I haven’t seen a valid reason for not liking Gus.

Especially since who have no idea if he’s going to be our coach or not.

Hopefully we know something soon.

I keep seeing things about how some of the big money paying for the buyouts and probably a new coach quit giving while BB was the coach. If true, I suppose you would say they were hoping the Hogs would lose.

If it’s true then yeah I do.

There’s also a lot more to a 100k donation and 5k donation.

It seemed that if it were true, it was due to JL and his decisions, maybe not so much bret, but the combination of JL and Brets lack of winning.

Either way, I stay with how I feel. I’m also not a 6 figure donator, as much as I’d like to be.

I posted on another thread an article that SHOWS Gus saying AUB is his dream job, yet we have an opening and all of a sudden this is his “dream job.” You really believe that? He has said AUB is the only place he and his family have ever felt at home. He has said being at AUB is the happiest time of his life. Sorry, that IS NOT coachspeak. This guy cares about one thing, his pocketbook, and that’s it.

He coasted in the game last night, hell go read the AUB boards, that’s why they want him gone. He has done it multiple times. He has ended the SEC NC streak (his team), he has ended the SECW CG streak (his team). He has alienated three fanbases (AR, AUB, and A State).

His offensive mind, and I’ll say it again, between 14-16 ranked 47th with 4 & 5* athletes, Bret who everyone says had an anemic offense was 48th, with 3 & 4*.

As a coach, why should we want him, especially for 7 million a year. Look at the guys that currently make that much. They all have coached in and WON a NC, except for Harbaugh who has actually made it to the Super Bowl, Hell Urban only gets 6.4.

Gus isn’t worth that much or worth the drama.

As I said in another thread I will cheer the Razorbacks. I made a statement during Bret’s tenure that I don’t think you can be a fan of a coach and the university, and I still believe that, Gus is not the good coach everyone thinks he is, but I’ll still cheer the Hogs. But, when he struggles everyone screaming he’s the answer and those screaming he ain’t are gonna be pissed because of his buyout.

I still don’t see a reason.

If that’s the best you can come up with, I stand firm.

What a coach says after receiving an extension equates to nothing to me.

Who cares.

Brets dream job is Iowa, certainly wasn’t Arkansas.

At the time it may have been Gus’s dream job, but that can quickly change.

Regardless, I don’t care.

It shows he will say whatever to get paid. It shows he doesn’t care about AR. Because if he’s does come here, want to bet if he doesn’t say the exact same thing.

Now, I notice you don’t bring up his 2014-2016 vs Bret’s 2014-2016. Again it proves he ain’t worth 7 million, but let me guess you’re gonna talk about defense. Bret was fired, Gus is getting a pay raise.

How’d Bret do this year compared to gus?

What did you expect him to say after receiving an extension at Auburn, thanks I’m honored, BTW Arkansas is my dream job!

Ha ha…
I mean really, come on… this is common sense stuff.

You’re correct it is common sense that Gus is WAAAAAAAY OVERRATED.

You have yet, to show a reason as to why he should be our coach.

I’ve showed multiple why he shouldn’t.

A coach worth $7 million a year should turn things around by Year 3. I won’t be happy with 7-5, 6-6 in the third year, not at $7 million a year. But what I think won’t matter. We need money for top-rated assistants, but how can we do that when we’re increasing the head coach’s pay by $2.5 million?

Tell me, 1 candidate that’s all, tell me 1 who has coached in two national championships, won the SEC two times, been there a third that is considering arkansas?

If you can, I’ll say he’s a better option Han Gus, if not, you can’t name a better option.