on Gus and us

Outsider’s take with the $50M/7 year numbers.

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I have little doubt that the wealthy people driving the Gus Bus want him so badly that kind of coin is being offered.

Swine what’s your take? Who do we end up with as HC?

I have no idea. If Dodd’s numbers are correct we’re offering big boy cash. Will Auburn top it or let him go? Is this info correct?

Again, I don’t want any part of the backstabbing hypocrite. But it seems obvious that there isn’t going to be a Schiano style fan revolt if he is the one.

I keep reading that Gus feels unappreciated at Aubren and is unhappy because of the fans /administration.

What I don’t think Gus understands is that there are many that don’t want him here, and there will be intense pressure immediately. $50 million for 6 years is ridiculous money and there will be NO honeymoon period. He’s coming to place much harder to recruit to without all of the talent he has at Aubren.

Want to bet. I’ll sue AUB and AR for trying to destroy AR athletics.

I have no doubt he knows. Auburn expectations (long term) are higher than ours. He can average 9-3 at Ark, and we will probably be happy. We want an SEC title run periodically, always be top 25, and go bigger every few years.

At Auburn, that won’t cut it. And you have to beat Bama consistently.

The $ is the money, and he can get good at either. Is Ark really important to him or is he happy in Auburn? That is the only real question. This is his chance to come “home.” May never happen again. If he wants to come, great. If not, then let’s move on and find our guy. More uncertainty? Sure. Cheaper? Sure. Possible bust? Sure … but Malzahn is no guarantee either. But we need to make a choice and saddle up.

Read this … hn_wi.html


This is the worst mistake in HISTORY

If Gus came and averaged 9-3 he’d get a statue.

He knows that, much different situations.

Much tougher here also.

There is a factor that hasn’t been discussed much and that’s his wife.

Any married man knows, your wife is certainly just as much in the decision as you are. I’m sure She has sacrificed a lot, to help promote Gus and his career.

Is she happy? Does she want to come home?

I know if I had done great things, made a lot of money, and my wife wasn’t happy, I’d bend over backwards to get her what she deserved. Close to her parents in a familiar, friendly place, we’d be heading home.

I’ve already said I’m done with Arkansas football if they hire Gus. Doubly-done if they hire Kiffin. I’ll just find another way to spend autumn Saturdays. I bet I can find one. And it’ll be a lot less expensive than donations and season tickets.

If this is true and Auburn is his dream job, then what are we even talking about? He isn’t coming, regardless of the money.

We need to move on.

Hahaha this is getting entertaining, if Gus or Lane come Swine won’t ever watch, write about or attend or spend money on Hog football ever again?

Not until they realize the error of their ways. It’s not the first time I’ve said that. I had been cutting back my investment anyway. This is just a shove out the door.

So who do you want swine?

Of the candidates most often mentioned with the job, I’d take Norvell. No idea if any of them really want to come here though. I like Gus’ experience, but I don’t want the baggage that comes with it.


I just don’t think Norvell is ready for the SEC, I think he’d be in hot water like Bret come year 5, due to the learning curve he would have to overcome.

I dont really want Norvell either. No experience, no defense.

I don’t know who I really want through. I just know who I dont like.

Related coaching carousel note:

Kevin Sumlin is being mentioned to replace Scott Frost at UCF.

I believe Gus will be as well. He has to basically start over. Everyone who has been against Bret this year has been saying we lack speed. Gus’ system requires speed. In five years, he should have the offense where everyone expects it to be, but the defense will still be a work in progress. I just can’t see paying someone 7 million a year to get us to where we are now.

Saw a report last night that Fat Phil reached out to the Mad Hatter

I think the fan division is way OVERRATED, not even a factor. Many on this board don’t want him here would be accurate. The average fan would see it as a good hire and certainly an upgrade.