CBS will show Southwest Classic

CBS has picked up the Arkansas-Texas A&M game on Sept. 25. It will kick off at 2:30 p.m. in Arlington.


As of now, Arkansas-Texas A&M is one of two top-25 matchups that day, along with Notre Dame-Wisconsin at Soldier Field. I wouldn’t be surprised to see College GameDay at either of those sites.

It feels good to matter again.


Just win baby. It all comes to those who win. I’ve never thought that ESPN or CBS lack appreciation for Arkansas. They appreciate winners.


I can’t remember the last time we were the 2:30 CBS game. Does anyone else?

The last CBS 2:30 Saturday game for Arkansas was the TCU game in 2017. The Razorbacks have played Missouri on CBS since then, but on Fridays.

Thanks Matt.

Bingo. And we haven’t been that since 2011.

Their #1 QB will not be available, reported to be out with a broken ankle until mid-October. Reliever Calvada did not look very good in relief. They barely escaped Colorado with the win. This is not the same type of team that folds easily in close games or gives up leads in the fourth quarter. We have lost too many close or OT games to the Aggies. Time to end that. WPS!


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