CBS talking heads all pick the Hogs

Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis and Wally Szczerbiak. FWIW.

Who did chuck pick?

I didn’t see Chuck make a pick.

They know a winner!

He said woo pig sooie tho :boar:

Barkley and Kenny had us getting to elite 8


I did see Chuck with the WPS but he said he would not wear a Hog hat.


he said he would not wear a Hog hat.
And that’s a GOOD THING 'cause I don’t think they make Hog hats that big.

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Auburn faithful would roast Charles if he donned the Hog Hat.

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I have my Hog Hat signed by Gene Stallings I’d lend him.

Auburn faithful may cancel his Aubie priveleges. I heard him say “Roll Tide” yesterday.

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