CBS Sports rates all 130 FBS teams

Hogs come in at #32; Based on the rest of their predictions, they project us to be 8-4 in the regular season. … -105907520

Here’s the complete CBS list:

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A couple of side notes:

Worst Power 5 team? Kansas at #99, just below Illinois.

Worst SEC team: Misery, #73.

Worst team in FBS? UMass. Even worse than UAB which didn’t have a team last year. Maybe we should schedule a Minutemen/Blazers battle for the bottom in December.

I remember when the worst college football team was K-State (hands down.) Mother and Daddy had neighbors in Bella Vista who had family in Kansas (this was in the mid-80s). They had season tickets for K-State, but nearly always came to Arkansas once per year just to be able to see real college football.

Of course Bill Snyder took care of that issue.