CBS Sports projects Arkansas to a Bowl game this year

The Frisco Bowl

Story lines for this game abound…

Les Miles and “Kansas” vs. “R-Kansas”

“The Jeff Long Bowl” (loser has to keep him/take him back)

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Of course, there are so many bowls needing a game, any game, that they’'d take a one win Arkansas (which is what the article says). And with our loaded SEC schedule, a bowl against a non-con foe would seem like last year’s rent-a-win.

You realize that the King of Frisco, TX is NDSU. Seems like they’ve won 7 National Championships in the last 8 years in Frisco. .

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Tusc, I live in DFW and am well-aware of NDSU and their prowess. Every year, I am at a watch party at BWW in Addison (watching a Hogs’ basketball game) when the post-game flow of green and gold starts infiltrating the crowd. I’ve had some very good conversations with their fans, and I pull for them now.

To be clear, however, though that division’s Championship game is played in the same venue, it is NOT what is called “The Frisco Bowl”. Like many other venues these days, they double dip on post season action.

Since it appears at least 30-40 something FBS teams won’t play this season, I imagine every team that plays will qualify for a bowl of some type.

I think we’ll win 2 games. Could win 3, maybe 4, but I think we’ll win more than 1. Sure as heck hope we don’t go 0-10. Program can’t afford that.

I’m pretty sure ndsu would have put a whipping on us the last two years.

Since Jan is from Fargo and went to ndsu we’ve been to two of their games in Frisch. My sister lives just a mile or so from that stadium, in Plano.

Well I’m not a drinking man, but sign me up for whatever they’re having :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t bet on us against anyone with the last two years’ teams & coaches. I’m reluctant to blame coaches for how things go for 1 or 2 years, but I have no doubt we’d have won several more games with just average coaches the last two seasons.

Yep. Good coaching would likely have delivered 4-5 wins
last year.

My Grad Student got his BS at NDSU. I hear all about the Bison. He goes to Frisco ever year. I work a lot with both SDSU and NDSU. SDSU is only slightly less than NDSU. The team the last two years would not even cause either of those two to break a sweat. Last year, we had to visit Fayetteville to get some work done by the UofA and I showed him around. He saw the CSU game in Collins. He said, “How can a program with all of this put such a bad team on the field.” I said, “Good question.”

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I agree with his analysis, Jim. I’ve wondered the same.

I feel really good about Coach Sam, but the proof is in the pudding. This is the year to see improvement, but it is going to be tough.

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Is it April 1 already? Did I get hit in the head and spend 7 months in a coma?

2-3 wins would be satisfactory, given our schedule and the talent on this team. It would not shock me to go 0-10, but I think we will scratch out a win or two. The laws of probability have to reveal themselves sooner or later.

Since most everybody will be attempting to play 10 games this year does that mean 5 wins will make you bowl eligible?

If SP wins 5 games playing that schedule he should hands down National Coach of the Year! I believe SP is right man for UA, just don’t know if it will happen this year.

One thing this pandemic has done is do away with the ridiculous amount of post season bowl which most agree is a good thing!

The OP says one or two wins makes us bowl eligible.

1 or 2 wins makes us bowl eligible that’s ridiculous!

Well, ask Swine how many bowls there are versus how many teams that will play this season (maybe).

Well, remember there are only about 2/3 as many teams playing this year. There is a spot for virtually every team in the FBS.

This is so hilarious Wiz! I love it

Now how do we include coach Bret in this Bowl game?

With our schedule every regular season game is like a Bowl game, a real Bowl would be anticlimactic. Yes, saying we’ll make a bowl might be overly optimistic. But I have seen a lot of projections that are probably overly pessimistic. One quoted other coaches saying we have no talent, our program is a total mess, that the type of players we have are not a match for Briles’ offense at all and that he and Pittman are a total mismatch, what was Pittman thinking, etc. All I can say it that the talent is never as bad as it seems when things are going bad, that projections after bad seasons are almost always for more of the same, and a new coach can produce results in the short term that show you things are not as bad as it seems (although the long term is the real proof in the pooding), I have seen lots of examples

I think you can put a “maybe” on both of those questions, Fred. I’m counting 42 bowls. And 75 teams in FBS planning to play. That leaves a few short of filling 84 bowl spots. But a lot of bowls have not announced dates and may not play this year. Especially those with contracts with the Pac 12 and Big Ten, although the Rose Bowl is somewhat safe because it’s a CFP semifinal this year. The new SoFi bowl in the Rams’ stadium in LA is supposed to be Pac-12 vs. Mountain West; neither one of those is playing. So the SoFi debut may wait a year, or until the spring, which is another possibility for some of these.

I suppose it’s possible that if 37 bowls played this year every team in FBS but one could get a bowl bid. Although I would have to think several of them will wait a year or at least until the spring,