CBS Sports projected NBA draft

as of today. Nick Smith to Dallas at #10 and Anthony Black #11 to Orlando. They have some great analysis of each player. The 7-4 Frenchman is going number 1, of course.

Nick Smith would be a great get for Dallas and a player who might become what they hoped Kyrie would have been when they traded for him.

The Accessory is up to #3. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Nice one, Swine.

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Miller won’t need to get a concealed carry permit he already knows how to hide and deny weakens charges. Crime won’t pay for long. I hope the little boy whom lost his mother gets a settlement in a civil case.

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Will be interesting to see NSJ’s development in the NBA. I’m certainly in the minority (on this board), but I just haven’t seen the top 10 talent that most have seen, in him. Perhaps it was the injury. Perhaps it was unrealistic expectations. Perhaps I am just wrong about him. I guess we will see in time.

It is my belief his body will need to mature before he will even be capable of the lofty projections of many. Driving to the basket and getting to the free throw line has always been a part of the games of many of the greatest scoring guards. I haven’t seen much of that from his game.

Glad he was a Razorback. Wish him well.


It is a tossup right now who is 2nd pick and who is 3rd pick between Miller and Henderson depending on the needs of the teams. We have seen what a great talent Miller is. Those who have not seen Henderson play, he is better than Miller.

Wish Nick never had the knee issue. It would have been Wembanyama, Henderson, Miller, Nick in that order for this draft. Nick is in the same league as far as talent with Henderson and Miller. Yes Nick is that good.

BTW, did CBS predict Round 2 in a different article. Curious where they put Ricky and Walsh.

Didn’t see a Round 2 projection.

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