CBS Sports Channel

I have cut the cord and have CBS All Access. I cannot find where The CBS Sports Channel is included with it. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think it is part of CBS All-Access. We have it through Hulu with Live TV.

For those of us that are willing to pay, the game will be on DirecTV 221.

Hulu has it. U might try there 7 day free trail , watch the game and cancel the free trail Monday.

I actually watch that channel a lot. ESPN can’t and doesn’t televise every football and basketball game, plus my dad likes to come over and watch bull riding. Good bonding for us. I also like Fox Sports One and NBC Sports Network. They’re all right there on 219, 220, and 221 on DirecTV. I can’t see myself ever getting rid of my satellite TV. My family seems to have a lot of diverse viewing preferences, depending on my son, daughter, wife, and myself. There’s not really any segment of channels that I’d say “we really never watch that”. Same reason I like XM radio, it’s amazing how many different channels I’ll listen to. Especially if I’m on a tractor for 14 hours several days in a row.

I cut the cord also. Both Hulu and uTube will have it available. I think both have free trials for three to seven days, depending. You can always go to a sports bar but I’m too old to spend three hours in a sports bar. So…I will go to my daughter’s house and watch it on her Hulu subscription.

Any chance you could watch it online through the CBS website?

If you subscribe to a provider that carries CBSSN, yes, here:

If you’ve cut the cord and don’t have Hulu, Fubo or YouTubeTV, no.

I’ve cut the cord recently myself (although kind of wishing I would have waited until after football season), but Fubo is running a 7 day free trial. That’s my plan for tomorrow.

never have missed a Saints stream, and Reddit does cover CFB and is easy to work with:

specific AR vs CSU game discussion … azorbacks/