CBS Sports and Gary Parrish rank us 22nd

It has been a long time since we were on the radar. Gary Parrish knows college basketball.

He says the Tennessee Vols are loaded and ready to contend for a national title. They lost their 2 hosses from last year, but they are back and ready to roll. Rick Barnes is a heckuva coach. .

Good to hear and yes Tenn defense best I’ve seen in a long long time, offense is work in Progress but their tenacity, quickness,and length make it incredibly hard just to get a good shot off.

Missouri don’t move the ball very well last night and it showed. Tenn plays tough defense and they trap a lot.
Put the Tenn defense up against a horrible shooting team and you get the result we watched last night in that matchup.
Tenn will be a tough matchup . I know CEM will have a game plan let’s just hope it works.

Correct. And Teasippers do not even have 20-20 hindsight :blush:

So, you’re saying it’s a good year to play them in Knoxville. :slight_smile:

Well good thing is nobody really has a home advantage this yr and if we shoot the ball in Tenn like last night I like our chances.

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