CBS predicts AP poll changes

So, if we want to get back in polls and find a better bowl was it good or bad for Cinncy and SCar to lose? hurts our SOS, but being ranked would top that in my mind and I was happy to see both lose to open up the bottom of the polls for re-entry. Until we tackle better then I am going to be skeptical of running the table deja vieux again. Certainly could happen and I actually think we should but at one point of deepest despair then I was reconciled to be a Birmingham Bowl contender (wouldn’t Jimbo love to be that good). 2 trophy games left and no sign of the bowling ball coming out of the closet yet. Good bowl game likelihood equals good recruiting bump.

I don’t think the bowl is going to be determined so much by what Arkansas’ opponents do, but how many wins the Razorbacks have. I think Arkansas right now is looking at one of the SEC’s “group of six” bowls — Las Vegas, Gator, Music City, Liberty, Texas or ReliaQuest (formerly Outback).

The Liberty Bowl had a representative at yesterday’s game. Arkansas hasn’t been there in seven years and is always a big draw in Memphis. I’m sure the Liberty Bowl would love to have the Razorbacks back if the opportunity arises.

obviously 9-3, 8-4 and 7-5 are all totally different as far as attractive to a bowl would be, so yes that is winning by the Razorbacks but also the same applies if AR and KY end with the same record then it becomes who did you lose to and when and why. It all entertwined and subject to interpretation. I would hope we keep climbing to Outback or TX bowl if in the group of six. Poll ranking makes nice media hype pre-bowl when the individual bowl committees are tooting their own horn. Truly gotta focus more and win em one at a time to get a better prize at the bottom of the crackerjack box.

I will never think about the Liberty Bowl without shivering.


Yep. My daughter and I were there. Hand warmers, Body Warmers. Could hear the zip on Mallets passes in the end zone. :snowman::snowman::snowman:

Can you safely attend a Liberty Bowl?

I have twice.

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Nobody’s counting on my attendance for a successful Liberty Bowl but I’m not sure I’ll ever attend that one again after the East Carolina Freezer Bowl. Maybe I would think about it if Memphis were a little more scenic or less dangerous.

Hock nailed it. If we get Liberty Bowl (we need to beat Liberty to qualify), then I’ll be watching it home with a roaring fire going!

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My last trip to the Memphis zoo was my last one!
That was about 6 years ago. The kids wanted to go. Oh course Little Rock isn’t safe either. Sometimes the smart thing to do is to stay away from high crime areas especially after dark. Oh course there’s a lot of shooting happening now in day light hours.
The hogs regular season will come to a close at Missouri. The record will end up between 6-6 to 9-3. I will be happy with any of the possibilities after what the Razorback fan base has endured since the Joh L Smith Year! Yes old smiling he sure took the bull by the horns. He reminds me of Brian Harsin! The major difference between the 2 coaches is that huge buyout Harsin is sure to get!
I hope the Auburn fan base get a little dose of the heart we witnessed! It couldn’t happen To a more deserving fan base.
Being ranked after the Missouri game would mean our hogs finish these next 4 games 3-1 or 4-0. That’s my opinion. The goal going into next season should be to avoid giving a game away.
The injuries sidelined this season and we are all very fortunate for our hogs to be 5-3! Be thankful.

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