CBS' Jerry Palm predicts 2 SEC teams in first CFP

ranking, which will be broad cast on ESPN tonight. He thinks Bama and A&M will be at 1 and 4. … -top-four/

That makes no sense at all. Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington.

Regardless of tonight’s rankings, the final four will be the SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten and ACC champions if they are undefeated.

Four undefeated teams at end of season? Maybe, but I don’t think so . But I vote no on the Aggies. :sunglasses:

I have no argument with the first three, and I surely can’t defend it, (only watched them a few minutes this season) but I’m not sure Washington could beat A&M with a healthy 15 and 10.

I think The Ohio State University would beat A&M.

It’s interesting to think about. In reality, I think Alabama has the toughest road of any of the unbeatens. It still has to play at LSU, home against Auburn and potentially in the SEC Championship Game, probably against Florida.

Washington’s toughest game left is at Washington State on a short week, then the Pac-12 Championship Game against probably Colorado or Utah.

Clemson has Pittsburgh at home in two weeks, then South Carolina at home to end the season and the ACC Championship Game against either Virginia Tech or UNC. The Tigers may have the most impressive resume right now with wins over Florida State, Louisville and Auburn.

Unless it slips up at Iowa, Michigan’s only test left is at Ohio State. Wisconsin is the only team I think that could give it a run in the Big Ten Championship Game, but Wisconsin would have to win out and get some help to get there.

Texas A&M makes zero sense in the playoff, because the fourth team will be matched up against No. 1. Who wants to see an Aggies-Tide rematch? Ohio State might be a better team than Washington is, but that’s not even clear.

The Buckeyes’ last four games were a 21-point win over Indiana, a 7-point win over Wisconsin, the loss at Penn State, and a 4-point win over Northwestern. They still have a chance to put things back together and beat Michigan.

Agree. And it likely will not happen. Jerry Palm gets some things right but he is, after all, an employee of CBS. Not a member of the CFP committee.

My personal opinion is A&M is well down the list, with little or no chance of getting into the playoffs unless all hell breaks loose with Washington, Michigan and/or Ohio State. I wouldn’t bet money that A&M gets through the season with just one loss.

Nailed it

Yes he did. I am surprised though.

At the same time, however, I don’t think Washington will make it when all is said and done. If Ohio State finished out with just one loss, they are going to be in the playoffs. Same with A&M, probably, with their strength of schedule.

Regardless of tonight’s rankings, the final four will be the SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten and ACC champions if they are undefeated.
[/quote]And IMO the committee is staging the SEC West champ/SEC champ as able to get to the playoff — hedging just in case Bama were to lose to LSU and Auburn. A&M wins out with one loss – still within striking distance. Call me crazy, but looks clear to me. Bama wins this weekend, Washington up and A&M down. No committee faith in Florida, but a playoff without SEC isn’t a test of the best, and they know that. But definitely could be wrong.