CBS is just mailing it in at this point

They have 4 channels at their disposal, yet they chose to only broadcast the National Championship game on the mothership. What a shame.

I hate that Nantz is moving away from college hoops, but he’s not doing his best work tonight anyway. He might as well already be in Augusta.
Grant Hill is boring as hell, and Raff probably needs to take it to the house too.

I watched the women’s game on ESPN2 yesterday…the Bird and Taurasi show. It was entertaining, and they had some very good guests…just like the Manning cast in football.

Wouldn’t it have been cool to watch the game with Muss on TRU TV tonight? I sure think so.

With Nance hanging it up, I hope ESPN fights hard to broadcast the tourney.

The only thing I would miss with the current setup is Chuck, Kenny, and Ernie. TNT kills ESPN in NBA coverage. Their talent is vastly superior. CBS’ on air talent is worse than both by about a million miles…2 million without Nantz.


Don’t hold your breath, Jeremy. CBS-Turner has the tournament through 2032.

What four channels do they have at their disposal? CBS has CBSSN. Turner would probably take subcoverage in the CBS years, but remember next year’s NCG will be on TBS. Is CBS gonna accept subcoverage? I don’t think so.

And it’s Nantz.

Thanks. I corrected it. I hate spelling names wrong.

Guess Nantz is freeing up his time to enjoy his place at Pebble Beach. Can’t say that I blame him and suspect his Vineyard Vines deal covers his lost income from NCAA basketball.

He’s not losing a cent. CBS pays him a lump sum for everything he does, from the Masters to the Super Bowl. He’s just freeing up three weeks in March/April. Which I think is part of it. He goes straight from the Final Four to Augusta as things stand now.

That lump sum is estimated to be about $10.5 million, by the way. Meanwhile Tony Romo is making about $17 million to sit next to Nantz for four months.

While not clearly indicated, my post was intended to be a bit snarky, with a smattering of envy. Don’t think a Go Fund Me account will be required for Jim. I envy the opportunity for a few more rounds at Pebble Beach.

No kidding. Heck, he has a par-3 hole in his Pebble back yard (as “crashed” by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady).

The poor jerk could live anywhere he wants, and he chooses California?

I sure as heck would choose Pebble Beach if I could afford it! Beautiful!

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I wish CBS would’ve tried harder to keep Gus Johnson. I like Ian Eagle but Gus should be their No. 1 for college basketball.

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Gus has a great voice.

Him and about 12% of the US population.

It’s not just the course he lives on. There are actually better courses a few miles away in better condition. But Jim’s backyard is ok.

Ya Pebble, Spyglass and Cypress Point is a pretty nice back yard (not sure Jim is a Cypress member.) Isn’t Pebble where Jack says he wants to play his final round?

The story of how Nantz bought the house.

And yes, he’s a member at Cypress Point. Once invited our own Andrew Landry to join him for a round there.

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That’s awesome!
He is literally living the dream.
I am happy that Jim can reduce his workload, but The Tourney is sure gonna miss his voice.
I know I will.

Please, CBS, find someone with a pulse to replace Grant Hill.

That Golfweek story talks about how Nantz doesn’t have a desk or office at CBS and can live anywhere. I’m the same way, but I don’t have a par-3 in my backyard or a membership at Cypress Point (or anywhere else at this point, although I am scouting around for cheap membership options).

I do need reasonable access to an airport in case the company flies me out somewhere (probably couldn’t live where Clay lives for instance). CBS probably sends private jets to pick up Nantz at Monterey Regional Airport, which does have scheduled service with puddlejumpers but not what he would need.

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Unless things have changed recently, there are direct flights from DFW to Monterrey, with full size jet service. Sure more convenient than through San Jose. Regardless it is doubtful that transportation is much an issue for Nantz.

The Monterey airport website says American Eagle flies from there to Dallas and Phoenix. I’ve been on enough Eagle flights to know they use jets, but not full-sized jets. Thus my puddlejumper reference. But there is a small first class; Jim ain’t flying no coach.

MTY would definitely be more convenient than San Jose.

I think most of the broadcast A-teams are flying private to and from the events they call.

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