CBS impact freshmen and All American projections

Impressive. Two Razorbacks on the list and Walsh waiting offstage to make his entrance. And that is just the McDonald’s AAs. Add in the transfers, the other highly rated freshmen, and Devo, and our high expectations are definitely validated. It seems almost too good to be true, dreamlike. Is this really happening to the Razorbacks?

I just hope our hogs get use playing together quick! It would be nice to beat Kentucky at Rupp and in the Budd. By March 4th that game in the Bud could be one for a 1 seed in the dance.
While the talent is on the hill they must play defense with grit! The hogs should be able to own the boards! The season is fast approaching it will be here before we know it.

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Yes. Finally.

Games are often about matchups. Matchups are about coaching. Advantage: Arkansas.

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Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

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