CBS giving us the A-team Thursday

Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, Tracy Wolfson

Not surprising with the top seed and the Dook lovefest. It would be hilarious if the regional final is Arkansas vs. TTech.

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I would be more hilarious if we played Dook and beat them by 100 points.

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Only because of the Coach K lovefest.

I had figured Nantz was doing the games in San Francisco. He lives at Pebble Beach, near the par 3 course.

It’s the place to be. With the Coach K storyline and the Gonzaga-trying-to-finally-win-a-title storyline, the cheapest tickets I just saw on Stubhub were $595 with most considerably more than that.

Hopefully the Hogs will find a way to make it their own storyline.

No doubt, they are the UnderHogs for this trip. Dave Van Horn always says he likes it “when his team is laying in the weeds.” That’s his way of saying underdog.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady did a thing for Peyton’s TV gig where they played the par 3 hole Nantz has in his backyard. Ostensibly without Nantz’s permission.

Price seems to have come down a tad. $359 for nosebleeds. But that’s Thursday night only, not the full regional. Full regional starts at $460.

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