CBB roasted

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There’s a link to an article that isn’t to happy with the thought of CBB being ranked CFBs 27th best coach.

Interesting points to say the least.

The writer of this story is a jerk. Has been ever since CBB left Wisconsin. He sticks his nose in their marriage, which is their business and nobody else’s. Yeah, I’m upset that he’s ranked 27th, too. I think he’s better than some of the guys ranked above him in Athlon’s. But he has prove that he is in the next few years.

I agree with the fact that this guy sticks his nose in places it doesn’t belong. I felt it was unprofessional how he assumed things.

That being said I have no idea where CBB ranks on a national level. I only know the SEC, and I like him, but I have nothing to cling to to put him anywhere but the lower tier of coaches in the SEC. He has to win, we know that, he knows that. As of now I’d say he’s in the bottom 3rd of the league as a coach. I try to think coaches who I think he is better than, I think H. Freeze, but he’s cheated his way to wins, but it’s hard for me to put him ahead of many others with nothing in the SEC to back it. I’d like to see him break past mediocre this year.

I can agree with that. Certainly, Saban is first, but where you go from there is questionable. McElwain has been good; Gus has had moments but inconsistent. Mullen might be #2 with what he has to work with. Sumlin is on the hot seat. Orgeron has to prove he’s upper tier. Smart has the potential and the talent. Somebody has to prove they are #2 behind Saban. Would love for CBB to have a breakout year and get into the conversation for it.

This guy is an idiot

Any and I mean ANY writer or commentator that gets personal loses me. It’s the new generation trying to make a name for themselves that gets me. Not all are like that, but a lot like the shock jock type method to get attention.


I hate it because he attempted to degrade and make Jen look bad, who from what I can tell is a fantastic person. Sexist and ignorant comments like that are unacceptable.

What’s sad is the Jim Rome and Clay Travis types are successful and others buy into it. You can make your point without the personal stuff. I compare it to comedians that can’t tell a joke without using every four-letter word known to man. It takes more talent to tells a story or joke without the profanity.

Saw an old clip with Red Skelton on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was funny without using salty language. To me, I compare it to the singer/songwriter whose songs carry the concert compared to many others who have to put on a theatrical show because their songs can’t carry the show. But that’s just me.

I’ve given up on comedy these days. Between the obscene vulgarities and constant political attacks, I have lost complete interest. Everyone has to have a way to make their name relevant I guess, those are the two ways.

Carson’s comedy had an edge to it, but he didn’t have the political nastiness that the “comics” of today have. Even Leno wasn’t as bad as this current group. You can laugh at the President, but it should never as a comedian be personal.


It’s been used to revamp failing careers, and it’s the only thing they have to talk about now, every day.

it pisses me off that he said the stuff he said. Sadly we’re giving this scum bag writer clicks and attention from this thread.

I love the reruns of the Tonight show. I could watch them all day.

We should rise above & not give these guys the attention they seek…White House should follow suit

The guy makes no bones about the fact he views this as a personal attack, and is proud of it.

Not what I would call journalism.

Just sent the link for this fine outstanding member of the press to one of my Columbia friends under subject line;

" Here another case of why the press is not respected …"

Is this sports news today or is it sports on a bathroom wall?

It is crazy how the media has changed with the desire for clicks online. Everyone is also in a race to get news online before other media outlets so they don’t take the time to confirm stories.

And they don’t confirm the info themselves, but run with it and claim it as their own info. I KNOW this goes on.