CBB Presser - No Changes to Staff

If this is truly the case, what does that say about the players? Basically, CBB is saying the coaches are doing their jobs, but the players aren’t executing??

I realize it could be coach speak, but what if he really makes no changes???

Tickets will be purchased.
Games will be played.
We’ll hear about doing things the right way.
We’ll be in the same predicament next year as we are this year.

I think he is smarter than absolutely meaning there will be no coaching changes as he does not currently have an opening so to speak. However given the defensive output with 9 returning starters and IF he TRULY means no changes are needed or warranted, then I am just as reasonable to expect a 10 win regular season and BCS bowl game in 2017.

Bielema has never had an off-season at Arkansas in which he didn’t replace at least three assistant coaches. So whether he “intends” to make assistant changes, he almost assuredly will have new people on the staff next season.

Matt, one of CBB’s issues he brought up when he came here was Alvarez wouldn’t pay him enough to retain assistants. I actually did research on that. Only two guys took “lateral” jobs for more money (one went from OC at Wisky to OC at the Buffalo Bills, I considered that a “promotion”). Everyone else got promoted (ex:DB to DC, DC to HC, etc, etc). How many of our former staff members left for a promotion and how many actually left for a “lateral” move? Do you know the answer?

Here are the departures:

Chris Ash left as DC to become co-DC at Ohio State (probably a lateral move given the co-DC title, but he did get a raise as I recall)
Charlie Partridge left as DL coach to become head coach at FAU (promotion)
Taver Johnson left as DB coach to take same job at Purdue (lateral to demotion)

Jim Chaney left as OC for same role at Pittsburgh (lateral to demotion)
Randy Shannon left as LB coach/associate HC for similar job at Florida (probably a little bit of a promotion)
Joel Thomas left as RB coach for job in NFL (promotion)

Clay Jennings left as DB coach for same role at Texas (lateral at best given the status of Charlie Strong at the time)
Sam Pittman left as OL coach for same role at Georgia (lateral given the coaching change there)
Jemal Singleton left as RB coach for job in NFL (promotion)

Conversely, CBB has hired people that other teams want.
We have lost 2 to the NFL
In some cases those are upgrade moves going to Texas, Ohio State, Florida, and UGA.
Some didn’t work out like Chaney but Pittman left to go be with his buddy Chaney at UGA. They worked together at Tenn too.