CBB 1-9 vs the maroon teams

And likely 1-3 vs. Mizzou. Almost every one of those games could have and many should have been wins. Special teams blunders, penalties, and questionable tactical decisions were costly in each loss. He talks about being close, and we were. However, after this large of a sample size, I think we know why he didn’t get over the hump. The man just wasn’t quite good enough of a coach. He was close, but not quite there as an SEC caliber coach. Kind of a Les Miles coaching less talented teams.

That game was the perfect encapsulation of the Bielema era. Our guys played well against a really good football team despite being outmanned, led for most of the game, but just enough critical mistakes were made to come out with a moral victory instead of an actual one. CBB has contributed to the trend with some questionable game management, but his players have also sometimes failed to make winning plays over his career here when put in a position to do so.