CB Transfer from Baylor

Arkansas has landed Baylor cornerback Lorando Johnson as a transfer. He has 3 years of eligibility left. Not very often we get a transfer for 3 years. Hope he stays the course.

Richard wrote about him today.

I hope he can cover an opponent’s receiver. This would be a refreshing change.

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Ouch. Honestly, what we need is a nickel that can cover. We have two corners. Or, this kid might provide depth. In any case, let’s hope he can really cover. I agree. Though I am happy with our two starters at corner. But depth is always necessary.

Absolutely! If last year didn’t prove how important depth in the secondary is, then we weren’t paying attention. Our secondary went from our most solid area of the defense to the worst area in the blink of an eye. We lost our only 1st team All American and team leader in the 1st half of the first game, followed shortly thereafter with the loss of another secondary starter.

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