CB recruits

I like all of the CB recruits we are on right now, especially M Goodrich, but didn’t we let Hanspard go because we said we didn’t need any more corners? I understand that Goodrich is one of the great top prospects you can’t miss on and you take him no matter what, but Hanspard seems to be at least as good as these other guys… Just wondering if y’all had any other idea why he might not of tried to go get him? Did he not think he had enough speed or something?

Think they let Handpard go because they didn’t think he was the caliber player they wanted. They evaluated him.

If you look at recruiting services he get some real mixed review, high on ESPN, low on others.

They didn’t offer Byron at SMU. That obviously carries over to Arkansas.

What’s CB? What kind of team is that? How about posting in English instead of code?