CB recruiting?

Why is it so hard to evaluate and recruit cornerbacks? Is it cause there are just so few true CB? I just know we have had a run of bad luck the last few classes with transfers, injuries, and some not even making it to campus. What is it about CB that is different from other positions that we seem to do just fine in? It seems to be Coach B only weak spot in recruiting. In no way is this a negative post, I was just looking for higher up people’s opinions? Thanks

I don’t see it as weak.

They get just as many “stars” in those positions as they do others, but some get hurt, some don’t pan out - just like other places.

I felt like they were a solid 7 deep for those two spots before the last two injuries with Collins, Dean, Tolliver, Richardson, Tutt, Pulley and Floyd.

Now preferred walk on Byron Keaton - who was the best at covering Jordan Jones in summer camp to years ago - obviously moves up.

Let us know how Byron looks in the scrimmage

We struggled last year in the secondary which should have given high hopes to incoming freshmen cornerbacks and we got zero initially in this recruiting class. We were already weak at this position and we got only a late JC transfer corner to come in to help. How is this not the weakest position on the team? Can you name one weaker other than placekicker?

I tend to agree with Dudley. Lets see how the DBs play this year. I think you’re going to see improvement.

As evidenced by the recent SEC recruiting rankings for the secondary, it is indeed thought to be the weakest part of the team.

I would say it was a tie last season between LBs (big-time lack of depth) and CBs.

Arkansas obviously had some CBs lined up - Putu and others - but didn’t finish. I thought they did great at identifying Tutt and thought that gave them enough.

Injuries happen. Part of the game.

But - and it could be semantics - but weakness of the secondary was not among the original questions I took from the initial post

I think they did well at recruiting linebackers last year. If we needed some to play, they could, and some will. We just don’t have that option with cornerback. Like I said, not being negative at all, but it is the weakest position to me. Injury is definitely a factor this year,(the transfer as well). Hopefully dean can get health soon. That would be big.

Sorry for my wording, Dudley. They recruit decent but I’m not big on stars. I just think there are so few true cornerbacks and is a hard position to recruit/evaluate. Coach will get us there. Dudley, any idea how many secondary players do they plan to sign?