CB for darin Turner

By Danny west… so I’ll take that with a grain of salt because he also CBd is Vernon Broughton.

But this ones actually realistic, so this could be a nice pick up. Supposed to be coming to the cook out too apparently.

Could be another Trey Knox/tryelon Burks type pick up.

In his defense, at one point it looked very possible Vernon was coming to Arkansas. RD even felt good about him coming to Arkansas at that time.


I got my hopes up on it.

But in the end I don’t think he was ever seriously going anywhere but Texas.

Arkansas felt real good after his visit. I had two Texas guys reach out the week after hearing he was going to be a Hog. That rarely happens. So there was a lot of smoke.

That’s why you always say subject to change. As far as Turner, I know he really likes Arkansas so won’t shock me. Not ready to call it just yet but won’t be shocked.

Danny’s a good dude. Works hard.

What does “CB’d” mean or stand for?

Crystal Ball pick.

I hope he does, he’s a stud

Make that 4 CB picks

I like that Richard and Dudley are great at what they do but are secure enough to give others credit too! No grade school stuff here! ghg

I know I am being stupid, but what does that post even mean? “CB for darin Turner.” What is that telling me???

Crystal ball pick

So are you saying the prediction is he goes to Arkansas? Again, I know I am being dense.

He’s a great looking player and will just add to the incredible list of Wr’s we will have but won’t amount to a hill of beans as my Mom used to say until we start getting some ELITE OL in here,this is the biggest weakness in this staff so far(LB getting thiers now) I love Limmer and Stromberg whne he regains all his weight lost but Man we will have everything in place to be a nightmare offensively if we can just get the most important position to be on par with the rest of the team.

Yeahp, so far it’s 2 Arkansas guy predictions, an Ole miss and an LSU insider as well.

And not at all, it gets confusing

This Crystal Ball thing has materialized over the past 2 or 3 years, and is just a place where the Star-gazing experts (oxymoron) place their predictions for where a kid will ultimately sign. As I don’t put a lot of stock in it, I don’t follow it and may be off on a detail or two, but I believe some sites allow regular fans to also make their predictions along-side the “experts”. You may even get more points if your prediction is correct and was posted sooner than someone else.

So, it’s just another way for the star-gazers to stroke their obsession. To regular folks, to read that someone has Crystal Balled (or CB’d) a player to ABC is to say that that someone is “on record” for having predicted that the kid will sign with ABC. Of course, CB’s can and do change . . . kind of like commitments.

Most of the guys who place CBs have little to no input on “star” rating.

They are just doing their job, as a reporter. Nothing to do with being a star gazer, and I’m sure many of them would disagree strongly with that.

Regular fans can not make CB picks on 247.

2,3 and unrated guys get CBs also.

Glad to see your infatuation running strong still, I hope you read the article I linked the other day, it’s a pretty good read.

Regular fans can on Rivals, though. I agree that the majority of the guys on 247 don’t necessarily get hung up in stars, now, some like Trey have no idea, lol.

Yeah, I don’t follow rivals, but I don’t think they call theirs crystal balls. I think it’s specifically fancast votes isn’t it?

I think so, but Wiz just said some sides allow it.