Caught up with Eric Musselman on Thursday

Some updates from the workouts + how players have handled covid-19:

Other notes I didn’t get in the story:

• Asked about his thoughts on the season, Musselman said they are taking it day-by-day and hope to play as early as possible and as many games as possible. The team is doing all it can to remain healthy.

• Desi Sills has done a nice job trying to teach the system and be a coach on the floor. He has improved as a ballhandler and in his already-solid ability to get to the rim.

• Musselman has been pleased with KK Robinson’s quickness and pace of play. He really likes Davonte Davis’ work defensively of late and his effort to track down loose balls. Thinks he is a phenomenal rebounder from the guard spot.

• On Ethan Henderson: “He’s playing his role. He’s rebounding, he’s playing hard and bringing energy.”

• Musselman mentioned early on in workouts that Justin Smith had gotten better as a jumpshooter. I asked if that had continued:

“His confidence is growing, as well as the number of reps that he’s getting. I think he’s going to be an improved shooter from maybe what we saw in the past.”

• On Vance Jackson: He is typically one of the guys who has some of the top shooting numbers in drills. In scrimmage-like situations, he’s done a nice job proving to be a shooter with range. He’s rebounding the ball well, too.


Reading the story, it sounds like Jaylin may be working his way into the rotation quicker than some of us had thought. Does that sound right or is it too early to say?

Like I wrote in my rotation projections, I feel pretty good about Jaylin being in the rotation. He will need some time to grow accustomed to facing college bigs, but by all accounts his basketball IQ is high and will pick things up quickly.

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I sure hope we get to see them playing games this year.
I think this team is loaded and will be a blast to watch, and they will win far more than they will lose.

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