Catfish Hole question

My brother in Hot Springs loves to catch crappie and they are his fav to eat as well. I prefer cats or bream (bluegill) myself. There was a restaurant in Vegas called McCormick and Schmicks a few years ago that had a menu item “Eudora, Arkansas Fried Catfish”. They did it pretty well, too.

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I have never been much of a fish eater, but if I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. The best I had was in Maui.

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Grouper fresh off the boat in Aruba is tough to beat.

Of course if you can get sheepshead in Charleston it’s a must. I had a nice piece of triggerfish last night. Tilefish, barrel fish are good too.

Like the grilled halibut at White River Fish Market in Tulsa. Love their Sea Bass also


My wife grew up in S FL and for a lot of years before I met her she helped run a commercial fishing and lobster boat. She swears Snook are the best fish to eat, but I’ve never had it. The first time she came to a ballgame with me, my brother fried up a mess of crappy at the tailgate. She tried to turn her nose up at it, but once she tried it she was hooked. Still says Snook is better though…

Fish is like BBQ pork to me. Gross.

RD, do you like any seafood at all?

Do not.

I am not a big fish eater either. I like catfish if it is VERY good. I am the classic “I like fish if it doesn’t taste like fish” person!

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I get the grilled cajun chicken at CH. It’s incredible.

One of the best steaks I’ve ever had was at CH.


Richard…please tell me you like the hush puppies at the Catfish Hole… :slightly_smiling_face:

I had dorado (mahi-mahi) that I caught in Cabo. The restaurant at dock fixed it three ways. Blackened, sautéed in butter and grilled. It was incredible. We had enough with that one fish to come back the next night.

Caught grouper in Destin we cooked at the house we rented. Fresh grouper is awesome.

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Oh lord yes I do.

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Lots of places to find good catfish but I have never found hush puppies as good as at the Catfish Hole. Out of this world good.

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The hush puppies and the steaks at the Catfish Hole are the best ever.

People don’t believe me when I tell them that the best steak in town can be had there, but it is the best.


Next trip up I will have to give the steak a try. I’ve heard the same from others. That will require a minimum of to visits to the Catfish Hole. Can’t be in NWA without one plate of catfish.

I used to go into Catfish Hole at odd times so Pat could sit down and we’d talk about all things Hogs. Neat dude. I watched a lot of football and basketball practices with Pat. I remember mentioning something during one of the job searches on the radio, just a pure speculation on one candidate. I said I didn’t know anything for sure but it might play out.

Pat called me and said, “Tell me Clay. I know you know. If you tell me, I’ll cook you the best steak you ever had. I promise there is no one in town who can cook a better steak than me.”

I had never thought about getting a steak there. I didn’t know any more than I had said on the radio, that it was just speculation. I emphasized that I was not holding back on the radio or with him. He didn’t believe it.

“I’ll give you two different nights with steak. I promise they’ll be better than (and he named the top two or three steakhouses in town).”

I had to cut him off and tell him that no matter how many steaks he threw at me, I was not going to have an answer because I didn’t have one.

The thing about his steaks, that’s not why I went to his place. I wanted catfish and hush puppies. I finally did let him cook me a steak – and I paid for it – and it was really outstanding.

One other thing about Pat. One night a week he would take Janie out to eat. They’d leave the restaurant. Usually, it was for Mexican food, to Acambaro’s on College next to the Thrift Store. I was in there one night and we talked. When it was time to pay, I was told that Pat had bought my dinner. I called him and he said, “You would never let me give you a free steak at my place, so I gave your family a free Mexican dinner.”

Pretty cool.

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It’s not the same without Pat. He was a special man who so loved the Razorbacks.

We use to talk two-three times a week and every time we hung up I realized how blessed I was to be able to call him a friend. He was special, special person.

Very true, but when you attend the radio show each week, you can eat a lot of catfish. So when they had a recruiting dinner (in a galaxy long ago and far away) I would get a steak.