Catfish Hole question

This probably belongs on the basketball thread about chicken, but… :smile:

We are coming up for the baseball games on Saturday and Sunday. Of course Sunday in Mothers Day. My wife wants to go to the Catfish Hole. With it being Mothers Day and all, any experience or guess as to if we will be able to get a table and get out in time for the baseball game (assuming the time of 2:00 doesn’t change)?

If I were you, I would try to get there before the church crowd does.

Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. It looks like they open at 11:00. I think we will try to get there about then.

I drive down Wedington to get home, so I pass the Catfish Hole every day. It seems like its Sunday lunch crowd has been really big the last several weeks. So like Marty said, the earlier the better to beat the rush.

We were home a couple of weeks ago and were able to get a reservation for lunch there. It was a baseball Saturday, we arrived at noon and when we left there was a ton of folks waiting to be seated. Gosh I wish they knew how to cook catfish and trimmings in Chattanooga.

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I didn’t know they took reservations! I will try that (I think they are closed today)

My son is good friends with the family of a coach at Tulsa. They are from LA, and when we introduced them to Catfish Hole it became an immediate favorite. They have driven over before to eat which is pretty serioius given the schedule of a coach and the 2-hour drive each way.

Now I need some tomato relish and hush puppies…

I think Uncle Larry’s in Chattanooga does real well with catfish and fixings. St Johns is one of my favorite stops if needed in Chattanooga. Have not been to Pat’s place, but if it can top Aunt Jennys in Ocean Springs then I will have to check it off my bucket list. I cook my catfish ala Middendorf’s in Pass Manchac which is my favorite flavoring.

Why is it I like crappie better?


I’m with you Clay. Crappie is my favorite.

I like Crappie better to Clay. Catfish is good also if it’s the smaller channel cat from colder running water.
Catfish Hole is excellent tho.

I sent you a message.

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I am also a crappie aficionado, preferably deep fried in lard.

Yes Ray…Uncle Larry’s is the best in Chattanooga. Their hush puppies are not great but okay. They also do not have green tomato relish or pickle sides. Great folks that own Uncle Larry’s. We go there frequently but not up to Arkansas standards. St. John’s is an excellent choice for a nice dinner.

Stopped by the Catfish Hole after A&M game and they had folks waiting. It was good of course.
I think Walleye from cold, Canadian waters is the best fish ever


Because it’s wild. I’ve had two fries this year. Ready for another one. If I ever choke to death I hope it’s from stuffing my mouth with crappie.

I can’t seem to find the Canadian waters in Arkansas but I’ll keep looking.

Probably a little north

Because nothing in this world is better than catching a mess of crappie, cleaning them, frying them and eating them all in the same day.


For me, it’s “fresh off the boat”, grilled and blackened mahi-mahi. Of course, you can’t get that in Arkansas. My favorite though, during my 27 years in South Florida and VA Beach.

Well that may be 2nd to “fresh off the boat” stone crabs at “Joe’s” in South Beach. A treat like no other from Nov. through April.