Catching up with James McCann always fun

Here’s a column after spending some time with James McCann as he heads to spring training:

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Great article. I’m always excited to see posts about McCann. It gets me to look at what’s going on with the White Sox for this season. I was hoping they would give James a long term contract, but I understand them giving the long term contract to Grandal when he became available. He’s a great power hitting catcher.

In reading about the Sox’ line-ups for this season, they have Grandal penciled in for first base and DH duty as well as catcher. I think there will be quite a few games that we’ll see James and Grandal on the field together. Grandal would have probably got more games at DH, before the White Sox got Encarnacion, who will now get the bulk of the DH games (which of course, is great for the Sox). Grandal, though could get more games at 1st base since Abreu is getting to that age where he usually misses 2 weeks or a month of the season with minor injuries.

And, with the way Giolito raved about James last year, he may demand that James catches his games. Without a doubt, Giolito will get the catcher he asks for.

With the addition of Keuchel, Encarnacion, and Grandal, the White Sox should be in the race for the AL Central title this year.

I’m really happy that the Sox did, at least double James’ salary for this season. If James has another great season though, the Sox will lose him next year to another team willing to give him a long term contract.

I believe the Sox will try to keep him if he is solid at plate. Solid could be .260, and that’s below last year. He has a lot of value in clubhouse if he hits solid. And if he’s part of a surge from Sox (as some expect).

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