Catchers in portal?

Anyone have an idea of catchers that are in transfer portal?

Excited to see who we might get.

Two that I can think of are Jake Meyer from Washington State and Garret Guillemette from USC. Both are in the Turner mold.

I haven’t spent too much time trying to figure out who all is in there. Someone mentioned McGwire Holbrook of West Virginia and Collin Price of Mercer the other day. Both are gifted hitters, but their defensive stats leave some to be desired. If your catcher can hit, great, but the No. 1 priority is the ability to be a defensive stopper.

When Arkansas recruited Turner out of the portal, the coaches spent a lot of time watching film and trying to determine if the defensive toolset looked like it would translate. I’m sure there is a similar process occurring now.

I looked through the names tonight and one stood out: Mac Guscette, who has been a starter at Florida. The hitting stats are not strong, but the defensive numbers are.

I would think a catcher with SEC starting experience would be one who catches the eye of the Razorbacks’ coaches.

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Here is a potentially interesting option at catcher. He was named JUCO national defensive player of the year today. He is a freshman and I don’t think he is committed anywhere.

yeah I put those 2 on here and they can hit but takes being able to do it all in this league.

good looking player!! would love to get him.

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