Catalon's pledge keeps Razorback Recruiting momentum rolling (analysis)... … ng-moment/

I hope one day we can all look back and realize that these were the moments that were key in turning the program around

Help is on the way that’s for sure. Program changers? We’ll see

I sure hope your right. It will be nice to make the drive and have at least a reasonable chance the hogs can win! Unlike these last 2 years. Maybe they can get to 6-6 this next season and get a bowl win.

Might JC get a look at quarterback ?

That one’s easy. No. Right now it’s probably Ben Hicks’ job, and if it’s not it’s because Connor Noland took it away from him.

The best part about the commitment (today only) is the meltdown on the Horn’s board… “How in the world does a 2 win Arkie team beat out the Horns with 10 wins and a league championship game?” Horn’s answer… “Arkie has bought that entire class, no way they recruit at that level without paying players.” I’m so happy, we beat out a bunch of the blue bloods for many in this class and they all think we’re cheating.

Thank you for that tidbit! Makes my day!

One would not totally rule out anything as - at least before the injury - Catalon’s elusiveness was a big plus on offense.

So maybe he lines up in the wildcat or something.

But I tend to think he will be in the secondary mix early and have a chance to be special back there so that’s what he should focus on.

If he does wind up in the secondary, the fact that he played QB also will be a plus. Recognizing plays and formations and reading QB’s.

Shades of Atwater. Hope he turns out to be that good.

Yes maybe they can get to 6/6 but give me a strong sign of improvement and I’m good to go, our good year of recruiting will breed unrealistic expectations by some of one is not careful. I’m in with CCM for the 4/5 year growth period with expectations of a upward swing each year and see where we are from there. WPS

Dudley what do you think about his chances of playing for Van Horn too?

Says he is going to just concentrate on football first