I haven’t seen if he was picked up in the transfer portal.

No word that I know of. I asked this very question and it seems he is still pondering this move.

Portal Hogs with no new place yet:


Shorter to list the ones who have found a spot:
K. Johnson

Parker is at New Mexico State.

Catalon is in the portal but has not taken any visits yet that I am aware.

This will be an interesting list to monitor going forward Swine. Great information you posted and one to watch, especially after tomorrow’s signing day ends and others jump in portal such as the 10 expected from LSPooh!

OK. 247 hasn’t recorded that info yet.

Which is here:

I suspect like SP coaches are waiting on the portal entires after playoff games to decide on next round and Catalon likely is in that decision. ? Given what SP said, do you think he would take him back if he was still there ?

That’s a good question, I wonder if CSP would take any back, especially at wide receiver.

Never say never, but in the past he has only taken people back who changed their minds quickly. So the clock is ticking.

Not that he will come back, but I can’t imagine Sam would not take Cat back. Unless there is a side of Jalen I don’t know about, you are talking about a former captain and someone everyone says is just a great kid,

From his Twitter:

So far, seven guys found a landing spot. Knox followed his position coach (and had other staff ties) to South Carolina, which was in desperate need of immediate help. Ketron Jackson went to Baylor after flirting with SMU. Khari Johnson went home to Boston College, which is a bottom dweller in the ACC. Slusher went to Louisville, which is not in a good spot in the ACC at the moment but has a new coach and apparently lots of NIL money to toss around.

Eric Thomas went to Southern Miss, Bauer went to Memphis, and Parker went to New Mexico State. Everybody else is still trying to find a place to land.

So two guys moved laterally to perhaps ever so slightly up (Knox and Jackson), two went to worse Power Five programs (K. Johnson and Slusher) and three moved down in FBS (Bauer, Thomas and Parker). Which leads me to believe that so far the talent lost to the portal has really not been that significant, and certainly not at a level that can’t be at least offset by our own portal shopping, roster development and recruiting.


Just a thought. If Catalon gets no takers due to worries about his injury history, offer him a PWO and let someone else pay his way through NIL money. Then there is a scholarship available and we have a proven player, albeit with a risky history of injury. Or just offer him that option now.

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Been watching the angst about portal guys…ain’t it awful etc. It’s occurred to me that just maybe there is “purging” going on at UA and many of the entries in the portal were the result of a head coach suggesting it’s time to move on. Ain’t the portal great.

I think you are on to something……

Do you think our new DC is getting to know Catalon? More importantly, letting him know how he might like our new defense?

I would like to see Cat finish his career with the Hogs, but I firmly believe that the train has left the station on that happening. I’m afraid he may have over valued himself especially with his proneness to injuries, lots of talent & potential if he’s healthy. Wish him the best in whatever direction he takes. WPS

I wonder what it means when 33% of portal entries from UA found new schools prior to National signing date and roughly 50% of those that found new homes ended up at name schools

Hey @cody - I got your first client

Some people may be familiar with Hognonymous, who has a Twitter account and sometimes posts cryptic Hog stuff (like the eyeball emojis before a big commit).

He also has an account on another board and suggested there that he was told that Catalon may have been nudged toward the portal because he told the coaches he was interested in exploring his options to see if there was any interest among other schools. Is that true? Maybe, maybe not.

I found it interesting, though, that Pittman suggested he was leaning toward the portal in his press conference last Friday just hours before Catalon officially entered it. He didn’t have to mention that. He could have said something more vague like “I think Jalen has about decided on his future plans” and left it up to him to reveal what that was.

The fact that Pittman suggested he would probably enter the portal was something I found interesting, especially when paired with what Hognonymous said. Did he mention it because he wanted to encourage that outcome?