The way he plays is very physical which is tough on the shoulders,would love to see him play a whole season and see how he does.

Wow, great news Jalen!!

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Gave me chills watching, thanks for sharing! WPS!!


If there was a 6-star we could assign, its him. I’ve said from day one I thought he was headed for the freaking Hall of Fame someday. I still believe that. He’s got to stay healthy though.

So happy. What a great get.


When healthy, he is a bad dude. I compare him favorably with best Arkansas safeties. He can make a big difference next year.

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If we can keep J Cat and Slush on the field at the same time, WOW…. They could be as good of a safety combo as we have ever had! I’m talking two first team All SEC selections….

Agree totally. Both of those guys are All-Sec level players. Need to add Bumper.

I bet Slusher is even better next year.

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For sure Slusher will be better if evidence of his first start against Auburn (TD over top)* until his play against Missouri is an indication of how he studies and practices. You could also say if he played against Auburn as well as he did Mizzou , then that pass and better run support would have been sufficient for Hawgs to win. Nothing like learning with real bullets flying around for that experience. Having two SEC caliber safeties on field is big given the speed and talent of who we play in our bracket each week.

  • Hope I am not confusing him with the other safety in that Auburn game. Memory says this was the first game he started.

Slusher definitely showed improvement the more he played. I think getting the interception against UAPB gave him a boost. 22 solo tackles, a tackle for loss, 4 passes defended and an interception in the four games after that.

It will be interesting who plays up close to the line of scrimmage more often when he and Cat are on both on the field. I think there is a fair chance that we play both with someone like Jayden Johnson as a third safety/LB.

Those three are impact players. If we can pressure the QB, we should have a good chance for some turnovers.

Yes, Slusher started the Auburn game.

They play three safeties a lot with a nickel. I think Johnson stays at nickel. The three safeties might be Slusher, Catalon and Chavis. Foucha could come back. He’s a fourth-year senior.

I don’t think about Foucha coming back.

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