Does anyone know how he is doing with his recovery from surgery?

I fixed your spelling of his name (Catalon, not Catlon). :grinning:

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Thank you Marty. Baseball is getting closer with each turn of the calendar!
Are you ready?

Is there any chance he could play in the bowl?

I’ll enjoy some gymnastics before baseball begins, and perhaps some track and field. But when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

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I look forward to your posting lineups and updates to the board.


I’ll have some work to do first. One of the things that I do just before the season starts is to load the rosters for every team (the hogs and all opponents) into my app. I have a complete process set up. Once done, I’ll be ready for the season!


Coach Pittman indicated that those who had been ruled out for the season would not play in the bowl.

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