Can he play the rest of the year or is he done?

He can return for the second half of the Missouri game.

Thanks Matt

Can Catalon’s penalty be contested by Arkansas? Most watchers and annoucers thought it was not just “legal” put a perfect tackle and take down. Like the announcer said, if that’s not legal nothing should be. Awful decision, made in Alabama, along with the worst field official of all time.

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I doubt the SEC has the balls to allow him to play the first half of the Missouri game.
Targeting call was incompetent and letting it stand after the review….well stone cold learning disabled. Gotta be an ego thing in the review booth. Whatever is called on the field seems to stand…quite often. Either use the replay with objectivity…or do away with it.

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thanks for sitting on the details. I saw Hunter Yurachek go nuts on the sideline.

Watching the Bama/KY game earlier. A Bama DB cracked a DY receiver helmet to helmet. No call. Even the announcers called out the refs. Of coarse it was Bama.

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The targeting thing has gotten to be just plain silly all the way around. I have seen numerous call this year where the tackler comes in low, bends down to avoid hitting the head, and the receiver lowers his head resulting in helmet to helmet contact, and the tackler gets called for targeting.

It’s just really ridiculous.

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It’s ridiculous. And Vandy got completely jammed on a Fla TD that wasn’t. The common thread? Rich get richer.

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What gets me is the Head Ref is looking into that 10 inch screen visor doohickey (I never even noticed the images move when we could see it) while the 100 foot jumbotron is showing a better angle for everyone else in the stadium to see!

Based on the refs call, you can’t collide with the offensive player, you have to try and wrap your arms around his legs as you approach from the side, the ref needs to be suspended Because he can’t make the determination between right and wrong.

Screen visor doohickey which probably isn’t even digital.

Second game the ref. have cost us. Do you think they don’t like us or we don’t put enough money in there pocket.

I think those two refs do not have the balls It takes to be a good ref. They should be associates, not lead referees.

The same ref in both cases. Auburn and LSU.
What cost the hogs today was a horrible day by our offense. Unable to move the ball and stay on the field. Poor play calling by Briles again!

You can’t tackle anymore might as well go to flag football

The referee was different today (Marc Curles) than the Auburn game (Jason Autrey).

EDIT: The replay official (Ken Switzer) was the same from the Auburn game.

Touching is now illegal, too.

Come on daboar and others! Give the refs a break. They just misunderstood the social distancing guidelines due to COVID, and ruled accordingly.