Catalon to

Texass! Not sure if it has been mentioned.

UA paid for his surgeries, school, room and board, rehab and this is the thanks they get. Can only hope that he makes no impact to the Texas football team


They paid more than we offered in NIL

Given his history, he’ll tear an ACL in April and be out for the year. Again.

Don’t like Texas and don’t like that he chose Texas, but like Jalen a lot more than my dislikes. Good luck Jalen.


He earned every bit of it…. and he got hurt playing for us, not anyone else.


Something seemed to change with Jalen after his last injury. He went from all in, all Hog, to all out. I can understand how devastated he must have been. As a team captain however, I would have thought he would have remained a leader on the team. Does anyone know why he seemed to sour on the team?

Good question

Rumor has it Sam said he was done with him after his last surgery, although it was thought they had agreed on him coming back. Jalen did step away from team activities, while he kept doing NIL activities with the team, which seemed awkward. Supposedly there was an agreed upon NIL number and he was coming back, then he changed his mind and entered the portal.

I don’t know what to believe on all these NIL numbers and requests/demands, they could be made up numbers, like everyone else here, I’m not sitting in on these agreements, just hearing third hand info.

Jalen gave it all he could for us, but injuries cut him down here, maybe he has a healthy year, Texass goes 0-12, and he gets a shot on the next level.


Was lucky enough to meet Cat a couple of times over the years after games and is a fantastic young man that took time to speak with everyone he came in contact with. Kid gave it his all for the Hogs and clearly just needed a new home to see if he could get away from the injury bug. I hate Texass is the school he went too but do wish him healthy success.

For me…nothing more to see here on this…time to move along and focus on the kids that want to be here.


I wish Cat health and success as long as it is not as a Longhorn.

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