Catalon & the MU suspension

I’m really disgusted the SEC will not reinstate Catalon for the first half of that game. I understand that a game’s outcome can be reversed, but this just seems to me to be an extension of the “replay.” I’m furious. Not that it matters to anyone who decides such things.

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I’m not surprised. The SEC isn’t going to admit they made a mistake unless we are A&M, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, or Alabama.

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I don’t recall a player getting re-instated for any of those teams. I don’t think it’s ever happened for anyone.

Well since the National Sports Media are making it a topic of discussion about “all” the SEC refs/replay officials blunders. I guess they OK with looking like idiots in the SEC offices.


I think the SEC needs to start with the replay ref and in this case it’s Ken Switzer.


Clay, does Switzer’s wife work at the sec office?

I don’t know anything about him.

Doesn’t Larry Lacewell know something about Switzer’s wife? Or is that vice versa?




You’re showing your age there, hawgjaw.


53 years young. LOL.

Shoot, when you are 65, 53 IS young :grin:

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Not that it would matter because it won’t. And as you previously stated you wouldn’t know this however Switzer is not an everyday name so curious if from Barry’s lineage. Whoever he is he’s DEF in the wrong profession.

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Other way around !

Players from most of the teams you mentioned wouldn’t need to be reinstated because after replay the SEC replay would’ve overruled the targeting call on a hit like that.

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