Catalon - stay aggressive

I sure hope he keeps same intensity and just let’s this go as a unfortunate circumstance. Certainly don’t need him to start overthinking how he lays the wood.

I don’t think he’ll change. He generally leads with his pads and is under the ball carrier.

Clearly, we are a much better defense when Catalon is on the field. I also think that we are not big enough on both lines and still lack the quality depth to beat top tier SEC teams. But we are so much better than we have been. We just need Sam to keep recruiting and make sure that our players are well coached and motivated. And we need a lot more players as skilled and tough as Catalon. Hogs definitely still are getting more confidence and that is an essential ingredient in any winning team. WPS.

I think he will stay aggressive!! He has a lot of dog in him

This is correct. I do not think Tennessee is top tier, though. They have the line play, but not some of the other things required to be top tier, like consistent QB play.

I’m looking forward to the match up and would like a good victory. If we can get better in the run game, that may help out Knox and Woods. And if Catalon keeps doing his thing, with Gerald back, maybe we will see a few picks on Saturday.

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