Catalon Question

I know CSP said he was letting him step away from the team for awhile but was wondering if he was participating in team activities in any way now? He has always been such a leader that am surprised not to have heard anything.

I don’t know if he is around the team or not. I have not seen him on the sidelines.

Looks like he’s still doing some NIL activities, but that’s about all I’ve seen of him.

I really don’t know if he will rehab again and come back. That’s a tough road to go down again.

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I’ll be surprised if he tries to play football again.

With his looks and smarts he will be very successful. Very articulate.

I have no doubt that entered his mind and may very well be the end result.

He told someone recently, he plans to come back. That’s just one person. We’ll see.


Richard I would like to see Cartlon come back but wow that’s a rough road to go down 2 years in a row.

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I agree. We’ll see but he did tell a person that. I think the cooling off period helped him clear his head.

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I could see him trying to come back to play one more year knowing the pros is probably out. I think he would make a hell of a coach. Graduate and come back as a GA and get his graduate degree and see what happens after that.

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He’s a competitor do doubt and hope whatever he chooses to do works out for him. WPS

Sam said today that he didn’t think Catalon had made up his mind, also that they are hoping to get Carter back for the final two games.

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