Catalon out for the yr

I saw elsewhere where he has torn labrum and broke hand…unreal how you can get that falling the way he did!!! This kid just cannot catch a break!!

That’s just unreal. What a horrible injury.

I can see the torn labrum by the way he fell on the ground with his arm outstretched, but how do you break your hand in the same fall?? Very strange

He had to have gotten hurt earlier in a hit and just kept playing. That last fall when he missed the QB wasn’t that bad.

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What does this do to his draft status? Seems to be really injury prone.

He has 2 more yrs here if he wants it,will have to see what he does.

It’s really a shame. What a talent. He dealt with serious injuries in high school as well I believe.

He has to come back and show the NFL he can play a season and stay healthy to ever get drafted. He should come back for at least 1 more season. I’d he can get healthy.

I mean, I suspect this is probably true. I posted the rumor about it on Sunday or maybe Monday morning. But is there any real verification? I get that it may be rumor around the football complex, but I don’t want to completely buy off on it until it is verified by CSP at least.

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I actually dislocated my shoulder and completely tore the labrum on a play with zero contact. Was running one direction, ballcarrier cut back and I flung my arm back to try and grab him. The way my arm felt I was sure I clotheslined the guy. Got to the trainer and he told me I totally whiffed. Absolutely nothing prior to that which would’ve led me to believe I hade an injury.

Human bodies are interesting things. When I saw him go down last Saturday and the way he was holding his arm when he got up, I knew exactly what happened.

Played with it wrapped for a bit, but got knocked out again (on a hit this time) about 3 weeks later and that was it. Surgery and 6 months of rehab. Still do t have full range of motion 25 years later.

Awful news for the team, but even worse news for Jalen. I feel so sorry for him. Just not fair to have this happen 2 years in a row. Here’s hoping for a speedy and total recovery.


I think he probably realizes that he may not have a 10-yr pro career after all the season ending injuries, 1 in H.S., 2 in college. His ability to play in the NFL shouldn’t be a question, but the injuries will surely hurt his draft stock if he decides to turn pro. I’m pretty sure he has good NIL deals so hopefully he’s putting the money away and that could influence his decision to come back or not.

In listening and watching the young man, he’ll make alot of money off of football whether he plays in the pros or not by either coaching or tv analyst.

I saw the same tweet youdaman. And while its probably true, I do find it curious it hasn’t been announced if he’s truly out for the year. Pittman plays coy with injuries, but not usually when someone is just flat OUT. So until its formally announced, I am gonna hold out hope that the STAFF and JALEN are holding out hope.

I remember someone supposedly in the know came out and said the scans were “good news and bad news”, which I inferred probably meant something was deifnitely wrong, but not season (or career?) ending.

We shall see. I am not optimistic. But I am not convinced yet either.

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Yeah I kind of think it is true but I’m like you holding out hope that they might be a false rumor

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