Catalon and Slusher

RD/Matt/Scottie, being told Catalon is done fore the season and Slusher at least 3 maybe 4 games. Are any of you hearing anything?

Yes. From a good source. On Catalon.

That stings if true. Hate to hear this to such a great kid that’s works his butt off.


that would be just terrible,on a play where there was no contact just landed with his arm extended,Kid can’t catch a break!!


The one area we really needed to be solid in, will now be the one that is most exploited. Cat can’t catch a break and neither can the hogs.

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I have not heard anything definitive. Pittman will speak to us tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll have more of an update than he had Monday.

Either way, his draft status is diminished. Very sad, he’s had a year to heal up and gets injured this easily?

If true, such a shame about Cat. Was hopeful he was all good as seemed the case.

Hate it for him.

On bright side for team, we finished strong when he was out last year so maybe we can again.

Need Slush back

I dont blame Cat for the injury, but he is injury prone. Consequently he will likely not play professional FB. I never expected a season ending injury game #1, but not surprised.

I definitely do not want to see him be gone for the season, The only positive thing for the team is that Brini was good enough to start for the national champions for 11 games. He is a very good football player he will just have to get familiar with the scheme but I don’t think you could pick a better replacement than him with all his experience.


Catalon can come back next year correct? Isn’t he a redshift Junior?

Catalon technically has two years of eligibility remaining after this year because of the covid year and a redshirt year.

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Has there been an official update or still just rumor and speculation?

Nothing official on them.

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I bet they are playing this weekend.

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Medical redshirt? I thought he redshirted his first year here while recovering from a HS knee injury. Am I remembering the wrong guy??

Didn’t Morris play him in four or five games?

Do you happen to know what NIL arrangements Catalon has? He might do just fine by waiting two more years for the NFL Get his degree, or two, and have major money in the bank.

I believe Catalon redshirted his first year here as he rehabbed his HS injury and did play a few games. Four was/is the max to retain your redshirt.