Any news on Cat? Pitt mentioned that he “didn’t want to rain” on Cat’s announcement…but I am not aware that there has been one as of now. Has there?

Nothing on his IG feed yet.

Posted a few weeks ago that he told someone he was coming back. We’ll see.

That would be huge for the Hogs….

only if he can get on the field. That guy has had terrible luck. He can get his degree and become a grad assist next. I think he has all the tools to make a great coach if he can’t get over the injury issues.

Cat, if healthy, would be a 5* player on the field for us. I sure hope it happens.

I would be very surprised if he returned to the UA.
UA…Campus of Champions

Do you have some insider knowledge or is this your opinion?

Aloha Sir,
IMHO. No insider knowledge on this issue. Just chatter within the program.
UA…Campus of Champions

Cat’s in the cradle with the silver spoon
Make old coach, the man in the moon
When you comin’ home Cat I don’t know when
But we’re gonna have a good time then Sam
You know we’ll have a good time then


I don’t blame the kid, he has a lot of talent he just has to be able to stay healthy and I think the rest will take care of itself. I would run the risk if I were him. Would be a tremendous asset to this team if he choose to do so

Lot of careers have ended with shoulder injuries. He would have to be the exception if he’s going to make a come back. On top that, how much live ball will he have played in a 2 year span by next fall? We need to recruit a 5 star safety.

Yeah we most certainly do need to recruit one… good luck with that. They don’t grow on trees

Well have good time then

Great song parody, Pavlov, hopefully this Cat has been Chapin at the bit to come back all Alon.

If Cat is healthy, he will better than a first year 5*

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